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Trafalgar Infant School Banner

Ask Trafalgar Infant children about behaviour and they will tell you about our Golden  Rules.

For grown ups – we have a policy and a leaflet.


Everybody is smiley around me and cares for one another.  

Y2 pupil survey

Trafalgar is such a happy school.

Y2 pupil survey

It is always safe and if I fall someone will help me.

Y2 pupil survey

It is a very safe place and there’s lots to do.

Y2 pupil survey

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding. Pupils from an early age are reflective, caring and a real

pleasure to meet.

Ofsted’s Outstanding judgement 2011

I like this school because all the children are kind and when you look sad they look after you.

Y2 pupil survey