Equality Objectives at Trafalgar Infant School

We have both a Federation wide objective and an Infant School specific objective
These objectives were set using the SMART definition: Specific – Measurable – Attainable – Relevant – Time-bound

For the Infant School
Across the next 4 years we will promote mental health & wellbeing by following the Growth Mindset approach, to reduce or remove barriers to learning throughout the school particularly in relation to protected characteristics as described in the Equality Act.

• S – All children have been made aware of the Growth Mindset pledge
• M – We use monitoring data to indicate where we have reduced, removed barriers
• A – We incorporate the approach into the underlying pedagogy of lessons
• R – School self evaluation will use it as evidence of quality of education, attitudes & behaviour and personal development
• T – Across the next 4 years

For the Federation
Across the next 4 years to review levels of parental and pupil engagement in blended learning and school life across all activities in ensure equity and fairness of access and engagement through monitoring of that engagement and identifying strategies to overcome barriers.

• S – Continue to identify inequality of access for children across the Federation and develop strategies to overcome this.
• M – We will use data produced by our e-school and other digital resources, alongside continued use of technology in school, we can
monitor pupil usage and engagement.
• A – A Blended Learning Lead has been appointed across the Federation to implement and embed best practice and identify and
address issues.
• R – Identified as Key Priority in the school development plan
• T – Across the next 4 years