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Trafalgar Infant and Junior Schools Celebrates Earth Day with Community Event

Trafalgar School is proud to announce its Earth Day celebration, which was held on Sunday 28th April from 10 am – 1pm at Trafalgar Infants - Meadway site in Twickenham.


This well attended family-friendly event featured a variety of educational activities and hands-on projects designed to engage pupils, parents, and community members in sustainability practices and environmental stewardship. Highlights of the event include:


  • Gardening: Pupils took part in hands on activities to support the green area and farm area, which houses ducks and guinea pigs. Planting fruit and vegetables around the school’s perimeter helps teach children about where their food comes from and how to look after plants, as well as contribute to a greener planet.
  • Repair Cafe: The Twickenham Repair Cafe, a local Twickenham charity carried out repairs to TV’s, kettles and toasters as well as old toys and gadgets.
  • Singing: Through songs sung by the children, the community learnt how to reduce waste through effective recycling and practices that can be applied at home and school.
  • Bag2School: This recycling initiative enabled families to de clutter and recycle household textiles and clothing. 920kg of donations were saved from landfill, to be reused or recycled instead.
  • School Shops: Reusing and reselling uniform, books and puzzles enables families to access affordable recycled items. Refreshments were homemade and free from packaging. Free refreshments were offered to those who came with reusable cups or drink containers to further our efforts in reducing single-use plastics during the event.
  • Environment-focused Games: Local charities Lets Go Outside And Learn, Parents For Future and Nature Connected Neighbourhoods, as well as our own Junior Eco Team, joined the event to provide fun and educational activities teaching children and families about biodiversity and the importance of conservation.
  • Car Boot Sale: Local vendors joined the school to take part in this event and to encourage the use of secondhand items.


The Mayor attended this event, which celebrates Trafalgar School's ongoing commitment to environmental education and our dedication to fostering a sustainable future. We thank the school and local community for the participation of families and community members who share our passion for the planet. Thanks also go to our Trafalgar PTA team for all their hard work in making this event such a success and to Sam the caretaker for his help on the day.


About Trafalgar Schools
The federated Infant and Junior Schools,  located at Gothic Rd TW2 5EH / Elmsleigh Rd TW2 5EG, and the Meadway site for Early Years, serves around 450 pupils between the ages of 5-11. As a Maintained Primary School in an urban setting, we are dedicated to providing a high-quality education that includes environmental awareness and action. Our Earth Day event is just one of the many ways we engage our students and community in making a positive difference in the world.